Dr. Michelle Wolford, ND was awarded best Naturopathic Doctor Encinitas 2015.  She has successfully run a private practice in Encinitas since January of 2011 treating children and adults for a variety of acute and chronic conditions all over the world.  She’s been a guest speaker at medical schools, on several radio and blog spot TV programs in addition to a guest writer for Naturopathic Doctor News & Review Journal.

She’s traveled the world collecting information for your healing experience working with top Medical Doctors, Shamans, Guru’s and Healers.  She has a remarkable way of intertwining her western medical training and knowledge with her profound eastern medical training and knowledge of plants, energy medicine, nutrition, body movement, meditation, breath work and spirituality. Her life purpose is to inspire others to live their life with authenticity, integrity and responsibility for the enrichment of their life and those around them; on purpose with optimal health, fulfillment, love and vitality. Check out her TED style talk for the Natural Living Speakers Tour.

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