Preparing for a healthy pregnancy is vital for a healthy baby!  Allow Dr. Michelle Wolford to guide you through the 3 most important aspects of pregnancy preparation.

Preparing for pregnancy is more than just preparing your body.  It’s preparing your mind, your emotional self, your relationships, your body and fine tuning your genetic expression.


Acknowledge and release old wounds.  Strengthen the bond of your current relationships and find a deeper sense of self to support the foundation for pregnancy.  Your identity as a women and a man will greatly change with the introduction of new life.  Be sure your foundation is strong.

Your relationship with yourself, your partner and those around you will impact your body, mind and spirit.  Your connection with self and others can positively or negatively impact your ability to conceive and the health of your pregnancy.


Your physical body needs to be properly prepared to make new life.  Ensuring it’s properly detoxified prior to pregnancy and in an optimum state of health and balance is essential for creating a healthy new life.

Optimize your organ system function, make sure you’re nutrient rich and your genetic expression is balanced creating the most abundant, healthy and supportive environment to create and hold new life.


Making a life, supporting the growth of that life in your body and bringing life into this world is one of the most sacred and spiritual experiences.

Spirituality is about our inner sense of self in the world. Our purpose, our passion, how we choose to connect with ourselves and others.  Having a practice and foundation is very grounding and supportive during the conscious conception phase and throughout your pregnancy.