Nutrition & Digestion are the KEY elements to health and healing.  Without proper nutrition your cells are either 1) not getting what they need or are 2) getting congested with “toxic load”.  Did you know you could be eating a completely perfect diet, but if your digestion is off, then you wont be breaking down and absorbing all the great nutrients from your diet.  Meaning you won’t be receiving the proper vitamins and minerals you need for health, healing, vibrancy and vitality!

Nutrition is more than the foods we choose to eat to fuel our body. It’s the type of foods, quality and amount. It’s our digestive function as a whole- meaning how well we break down the food, absorb the food, evacuate waste. How well our liver and pancreas function. It’s the integrity of our intestinal lining and the immune response that occurs in the digestive tissues. These are all a part of balanced nutrition. Dr. Michelle Wolford provides personalized nutritional plans based on your blood type, current medical diagnosis, your temperament, lifestyle and bodies needs. She will often run a diagnostic test to determine your bodies food choices, food reactions, nutrient needs and absorption capacity. This way she can more specifically support your health & wellness needs. She will reboot your digestive system as a whole- stomach, pancreas, liver & intestinal health! When your nutrition is off, then your health, vitality, abundance and freedom is negatively impacted. Find out how you should be eating to support your immune system, mental-emotional health, clarity, focus, sleep, energy, appetite, body weight & composition, digestive function, skin and more.

Dr. Michelle Wolford likes to asses your nutrient needs and offer you a specific plan for your body type, lifestyle and healing needs.