Looking for a little support or tips?

Quick Support Sessions (25min)
Private Coaching Session (50min)

Supporting local and distant patients
around the WORLD!

Wish you had a personal coach and built in support?  Wanting to discover new ways to navigate your relationships, decisions, the health of your life? Our coaching packages are just for you! Content of each program will be personalized to you: your goals, objectives and what comes up in your sessions. It will most likely be a combination of conversation, thought-provoking questions, expansion of limiting beliefs and perceptions, energy medicine, realigning your chakra system (energy centers), at home exercises to help stimulate thought and forward movement through shifting patterns and attaining your goals. Physical exercises, nutrition or other health enhancing tips can be covered. With Private Coaching Sessions, we will make a personalized flower essence at the end of each session to support the transition you desire.

Quick Support Sessions: For the moments you need a pep-talk! 25min check in to keep you in your highest vibrational space to achieve your goals and live the life you desire to create. For the moments you need a recipe, a workout idea, support when working through an issue with a partner, a co-worker, yourself; quick medical question (no diagnosis or treatment) or just a spiritual attunement.  Dr. Michelle is here to keep you on track!

Private Coaching Sessions: a comprehensive 50min session with a complimentary personalized flower essence made at the end just for your presenting needs!