The foundation of Natural Medicine is in using Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy to drain, restore, heal then optimize the natural function of the body. The combination of herbal medicine and homeopathy is known as Bio-Therapeutic Drainage Therapy (BTDT). BTDT is the most powerful, gentle, effective and supportive form of healing. The combination of plant based medicine with homeopathic combinations allows for the cell to open and then drain its “toxic load”. Remember, anything in excess in the body is considered toxic. Even to much of a good thing, like your B vitamins!

BTDT, also referred to as intracellular drainage therapy, is a special combination of herbal and homeopathic medicine used to simulate cells of a specific organ system to open, drain and heal. The homeopathy sends a signal to the cell. That vibration or signal tells the cell what it wants it to do. If the cell is ready, it will respond. The herbs, which have a natural biochemical effect on the body, then change the environment of that cell which creates a lasting shift in you and supports the function of that cell.


Dr. Michelle Wolford uses this form of medicine with all patients from newborn babies to acute cases, pregnant mom’s, auto-immune disease, specific medical conditions, mental-emotional disharmonies, temperament imbalances and cancer. The combination given is different depending on each person and their needs, but the purpose of draining a cell is the best way to truly clean the body for a lasting impact. To change and restore the function of the body, you must drain it of its toxic load and reprogram its patterned expression of dis-ease.


There is a difference between detoxification and drainage. Detoxing the body is about forcing a cell to quickly eliminate toxic load. It can be very helpful, but it can also stress the body and sometimes even cause damage. Drainage is a more gentle and more profound way of cleaning up both the inside and outside space of a cell, thereby creating a true cellular change and healing response. A lasting response!


Symptomatic or not, because of our environmental and dietary exposures, we are all in need of drainage therapy. For some it maybe month to month treatment plans to unwind history and restore health. For others, it maybe a quick series of treatments or an annual tune up! Due to a lifetime of exposures and build-up, many of us need an initial clean up! Did you know, you could live a totally perfect life; no stress, eating 100% organic with appropriate food combinations for your body type, moving your body every day, breathing exercises, sweating, mediation, etc AND still need drainage therapy? Reason being is that our cells go through their own version of pooping and peeing (discharging waste) every day, just like you and me. And if an organ system is congested from external exposures OR/ the system has a hard time eliminating its own toxic load, it will create a backup.  Many people have a genetic snip called MTHFR that affects how their body naturally detoxifies.  And people with this snip definitely need support in cleaning out the intracellular space of a cell for optimal health and wellness.  Often times we don’t even see the affects of this back up until we hit 40. We wake up and say, “how do I have high blood pressure, how did I gain that weight, why am I graying early, I just don’t feel I have the same stamina”… No it’s not getting older, it’s getting more toxic!


You don’t have to be “sick” to need drainage therapy. This is a unique system that helps you keep your cells young, vital, vibrant and alive. It’s anti-aging really! And because we are exposed to so many environmental toxins in our food, water, air, products we use on our skin, in our homes, cleaning products, dyes on our cloths, bed sheets, ect… drainage therapy can support your body’s natural elimination pathways to keep you young, healthy, vibrant and balanced! Dr. Michelle Wolford will assess which organ system(s) need drainage to restore your health and attain your LIFE GOALS. Remember, you’re health is the pinwheel of your life. When your health is vibrant and in balance, so is your life!