Our Package Programs are designed to support YOU getting back on track with your health goals. Whether that’s optimizing your health or unwinding a lifetime of living, true health requires more than one visit. Of course, you can see significant shifts after one visit, but the goal is to see those shifts last, which is why we offer packages! Lasting changes means getting at the root cause verse just supporting the issue at hand for a quick fix. Let Dr. Michelle Wolford help you get at the root cause, heal the root cause and teach your body to let go of your “patterned response” of pain, sickness, health concerns and emotional responses that elicit your physical expressions, so you can be free and healthy again! Truly vibrant!  And if you feel amazing already, wait until you experience the magic of intracellular drainage.  It is like a deep scrub to your cells allowing them to absorb nutrients more efficiently, detoxify more efficiently and take your health to a whole new level!  Supporting local and distance patients all around the world.

Our Concierge Packages are great for establishing 6 or 12month care with visits, labs and monthly supplements all included. If you choose to purchase everything separately, the package plans below are the best way to go! Great for families to share package visits too!

New Patient Visit then invest in package plans below:

5 Standard 30min Return Visits
10 Standard 30min Return Visits
15 Standard 30min Return Visits

In case of Acute Medical Needs; 15min Acute Visit
In case of Lab Reviews; 45min Lab Review Visit

Package # purchased is the % off supplements!