Online Supplement Store

ONLINE Supplement Store

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Access to over 200 companies and over 1000 different supplements!



  1. Click HERE to access online medicinary
  2. Enter your email address & hit submit
  3. Enter your email, name and desired password
  4. Order your desired supplements!



  1. Click HERE to access draw sites near you.
  2. Type in your zip code and schedule an appointment.  *Must schedule before 12pm.  Fasting only required if you are running a CardioMetabolic panel (lipid panel – cholesterol).
  3. Be sure to bring your requisition form from Dr. Wolford and your insurance card.  *Everything highlighted must be fill out and take a copy of your insurance card front and back.
  4. All draw sites have kits on site.  But I would encourage you to confirm with the labs when you schedule your appointment.


BIOTICS ORDER’s outside of FullScript:

  1. Call 800.231.5777 to place your order.
  2. Tell them you are with Dr. Michelle Wolford.