Realign the Flow of Energy In Your Body & Balance Your Health

The 7 main centers are known as Chakras.  Each energy center supports your physical health as well as our mental-emotional and spiritual health.  When in balance we feel empowered, on point, flowing, free and successful. When out of balance we feel limited, stifled, out of balance with low energy and a low mood.  If out of balance for too long, it can start to affect the associated organ system with that particular energy center and dis-ease can begin to express more physically in the body.

Dr. Michelle Wolford provides food choices, herbs, physical exercises, affirmations and meditations as well as hands-on-healing in office or a guided meditation with distance energy healing via skype to help rebalance these energy systems for a more balanced, abundant, happier and healthier YOU.

Take a look below at Dr. Oz’s example of Chakras and energy flow.  Then take a listen to Dr. Michelle Wolford’s interview on the Art of Spiritual Living.